1962 G 50 CSR “Golden Eagle” #120

Every once in a while one is lucky enough to be able to look back into history through the eyes of a very special motorcycle.  This is such a story, about a nearly forgotten 1962 Matchless G 50 CSR.  In 1985 we were very fortunate to obtain Cal Rayborn’s G 50 CSR #120, Don Vesco’s G 50 road racer and some other G 50 items all from Sonny Angel, the well known San Diego motorcycle dealer and personality.  The #120 bike was in bits, but it was basically complete.  Team Obsolete worked through the pile of bits.  We took great pains to preserve the original chrome and cad plating, and as much original paint as possible.  Same goes for wheels, tires, fuel tank, and all mechanical components.  It is a total rebuild, not a restoration.  Six months later the freshly rebuilt bike fired up for the first time in almost fifty years!

1964 Honda RC 165 (Sole surviving example)

This is the very first Honda “Six” built.  It was first raced by Jim Redman at Monza in 1964 where it was rushed from Japan in the passenger compartment of a commercial airplane.  It was third at Monza and first at the 1964 Japanese Grand Prix.  Later it was ridden by Mike Hailwood and Stewart Graham.   It returned to the spotlight at Daytona in 1995 in a parade by Jim Redman. This is the only RC 165 Honda “Six”.

1969 Arter G 50 “Wagon Wheels”

The penultimate Arter G 50 “wagon wheels” appeared in 1969 with cast magnesium wheels, six speed gearbox, ducted cooling, and disc brakes front and rear.  Peter Williams won the British 500 cc championship on the Arter Matchless in 1970 and finished second to an MV ridden by Agostini at the TT.   It is a special part of Team Obsolete’s collection.  

1972 Harley Davidson 750 XRTT

Cal Rayborn’s last and best XR 750TT, five speed gearbox, special frame geometry, winner of Laguna Seca 1972 and Indianapolis Park 1972, raced by Cal Rayborn until he left the team in 1973.  All original as presented to Harley Davidson Race Boss Dick O’Brien on his 1983 retirement.  The Holy Grail of all the XR 750TT Harleys.  Last ridden by Cal’s son Calvin Rayborn III at Mid Ohio 2010.

1967 MV Agusta 500/3

1967 M.V. Agusta 500 cc three cylinder, four valves per cylinder, seven speed cassette type gearbox, 12,500 rpm, 82 BHP. This is one of the legendary "triples" used by Giacomo Agostini to win thirteen of his fifteen F.I.M. World Championships. The Ultimate!

1954 AJS 7R3 "Triple Knocker", 350 c.c.

Raced to victory by Rod Coleman in the 1954 Isle of Man "Junior" (350 cc) TT. One of four built, the single cylinder machine has three cams, three valves and the revolutionary pannier fuel tank complete with fuel pump! Raced for Team Obsolete by David Roper at Daytona, the Isle of Man, and elsewhere. AJS' last "Junior" class grand prix machine.

1971-73 BSA A75R, 3 cyl., 745 c.c. Ex-Dick Mann

Acquired by Team Obsolete directly from NVT's California race shop in 1977. Winner of the 1971 Daytona 200, and the 1971 AMA Grand National Championship. Campaigned by Team Obsolete for more than two decades. Riders were David Roper, Yvon Duhamel, John Cronshaw and others.

1959 Matchless G-50 #1709, Ex-Al Gunter

The secretive, nocturnal Gunter developed the motor on CR Axtell's dyno and raced the bike on both dirt tracks and road races. Found in a Bakersfield muffler shop in 1976, rebuilt by Team Obsolete, and raced for decades worldwide by David Roper, Yvon Duhamel, John Cronshaw and many others. Its finest hour was David Roper's victory at the 1984 Isle of Man Senior Historic TT, the only American victory ever at the legendary "mountain circuit."